The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 68… Rebecca’s Spell (Part Two)… Friends

Bridget Moynihan’s Irish parentage had given her the gift of wonderful and imaginative story telling and soon the three of were plunged into another of her spellbinding tales of mystery and intrigue. They passed the plump butcher’s boy who waved from his delivery bike. ‘Do people really want meat at this time in the morning.’ remarked Celia, with a somewhat narrowed eye.

Bridget continued her tale of the secret sisters convent order that existed deep within the woods they were now heading for. ‘There are stories she said: Of ritual sacrifice and other pagan practises.’

‘Come on.’ stated Celia ‘For goodness sake. These are Christian Nuns. ‘They have taken their vows.’

‘Taking to the order, does not mean they don’t have dark and foreboding secrets.’ replied Bridget with some sincere determination.

‘Ok.. Ok’ Celia gave way with a sigh.

Ahead of them and walking quite slowly, almost sauntering purposely were a group of three boys around their own ages. The outlined figure of one of the boys seemed familiar to Esme.

‘You know.’ She rejoiced ‘I think that is Charles.’ The others thought the look on her face simply said it all.

‘You fancy him, don’t you.’ romanced Bridget eagerly. ‘I can see it in your eyes.’

‘Yes, come on, what’s afoot?’ asked Celia.

‘About 12 inches.’ smiled Esme, somewhat defensively.

Soon they had caught the boys up, and smiles, jokes and laughter hid the shyness of the moment. Esme was somewhat coy of Charles at first, preferring to smile gently as he spoke to her more so than the others. “He has a keen interest in me” she told herself “That was very clear.”

Their schools were really one large Victorian building divided into two, with a number of classrooms on the one hand for the girls, and on the other for the boys. The recreation rooms were shared by both and also the outdoor sports areas. It was within this scenario that Charles and Esme first became friendly.

Entering the woods and climbing over the rickety wooden style was easy going for those young legs. Here the path was well trodden and wide enough for them to walk in pairs. The boys teamed up with Celia and Bridget and Charles with Esme. The quiet of the woods made small talk redundant, replacing it with the gentle words brought forth of natural elements…



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Author’s Note…

The Invaders title screen.jpg


Stretching across seven discs, and bringing together the entirety of its second season, this DVD collection of Invaders brings a welcome opportunity to check out a supreme slice of television science fiction from the 1960s.

Considering that four decades have past since it was first shown, Invaders holds up really very well, too. At the heart of it is the marvelous Roy Thinnes and his character, David Vincent, who realises that aliens have invaded, and are disguising themselves as human beings. And while in the first series he was frequently up against those who simply didn’t believe him at all, here he does find some who do think he’s telling the truth. That provides a good platform for the series, and allows it to cleverly evolve.

And that’s just what Invaders does. Courtesy of some skilled writing, and a real feeling of making the most of what they’ve got, the production team serve up some at-times really quite sinister and edgy episodes, with real intelligence to them. It sustains this for the vast bulk of the 26 episodes you get here, too.

Invaders may not have the profile of many science fiction series of old, but it’s ripe for rediscovery on the DVD market, and it really is something of a treat. Whether you’re new to it or not, it’s very much worth giving it a spin. Before someone inevitably remakes it… —Jon Foster

This Quinn Martin Production was borne ahead of its time. As a Si-Fi, it does not feature little green men from Mars or monsters with mutant heads. This is a much more sophisticated drama. If you are going to take over the Earth because your planet is dying, then you do that in a more controlled and integrated way. If you make opposition gentle, then you control your aims…  PGC


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Author’s Note…

Back to Back catch-up episodes of ‘The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp’ are available @

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Snap Around…

You know, here in the South East of the UK we are still bathed, perhaps drenched is the word in a 1976 style heat wave, whilst our cousins in the North have their indecisive forecasts. We are thinking of you guys! This shot taken of the beautiful wildlife Lake of St. Albans Cathedral shows just how lucky or unlucky, depending on your thoughts, you can be. Well, for me, too much sun, is too much sun!

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The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 67…Rebecca’s Spell (Part One)…Awakening

Esme awoke that morning to the sound of her mother’s voice calling from downstairs. ‘Esme darling, your breakfast, it’s tea and toast, your favourite. You will be late for school if you don’t hurry. Would you also like some Porridge? Hurry now my sleepy.’

She wiped sleep from her eyes, stretched, and threw the bed covers back. She sat for moments on the edge of the bed, her feet just dangling near to the floor. Somehow, she felt this was unreal, that in her mind, she was looking through a veil that formed a mist inside her head. Her mother called again, the same strange message, to get up and dress. Dress for what she asked herself. Where is Charles. I should not be here, at home with my mother. No, this is all wrong. Something was very amiss. This must be a dream. It can’t be so.’

“It is so, for the present, Esme.” Rebecca’s gentle voice whispered inside her mind. This is my gift to you. I have given my gift to Charles, now you shall have that too. Please do not alarm yourself. You will enjoy a mirrored life, perhaps, that you would have preferred in your schooldays.”

At breakfast, the conversation turned to Esme’s leisure time. Constance poured a steaming cup of tea and offered it to her daughter. ‘Please add your milk darling. By the way, I see you are friendly with that young boy at Sandy Ridge. Frank and Hilda Hepworth’s Son. I think his name is Charles. Is that so?’ Her mother’s look was warm and without any real concern. ‘What I know of the family, he seems a nice boy. Have you been friends very long.’

‘Mother. He is just a school friend. A very kind and considerate person to be with.’ Esme blushed a little, her cheeks blossomed, her mother smiled.

‘I’m sure you are both responsible people.’ her mother added.

‘Then you have nothing to concern you.’ Esme spoke gently. Her hand touched her Mother’s across the white linen table cloth.

Emily came into the dinning room to clear things away and announced that Mr. Dobbs pony and trap was outside and ready to take Esme to school. Emily was very fond of Esme and they would often talk together in secret, of distant faraway lands of a rich and a handsome young Prince who would carry them off. It was fairy-tale and fun, and their imaginings would fill the hearts of two young romantic girls.

Mr. Dobbs was a kindly old man, perhaps near the same age as his faithful and hard working horse, it did seemed to Esme. They neared the school gates and Esme stepped down and was greeted by her two dearest school friends. Celia and Bridget!

‘Miss Dyson has said we may go on a Nature Trail this morning if we wish and by ourselves because the weather is so nice.’ Began an excited Celia.  ‘She does not want us inside the classrooms, only the leisure areas. She also said we were old enough to be responsible. But we have to be back for Lunch. Isn’t that wonderful!’

‘Well, said Esme, rather taken by surprise. ‘That sounds super.’ Something in the far distant of her thoughts gave her a moment of apprehension, then was gone.

‘I say we go and explore the woods. Got to be a nature trail there.’ cried Bridget. All three linked arms and smiling in their good fortune, set off in the direction of a new adventure.



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“I just gotta catch one for supper…”

You know, some guys just love searching for ‘Tiddlers’ as I did. On the River Lea there’s no missing that thrill… And keeping your toes nice and cool in a heatwave…

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“Hey… Just look at that Guy!” Bedford’s 40th River Festival pulls in thousands of visitors…

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Author’s Note…

Ok, the heatwave is still with us here in the UK, and that makes settling down to write, even during the dark hours, as I do, somewhat uncomfortable. Guess, I’m still working on the next episode of our popular: ‘The Shriving…’ hoping to bring you that very soon. Meantime, I’ve got shots of the 40th celebration of the huge Bedford River Festival from last weekend and with fingers crossed, hoping to blog this on Wednesday. Sticky heat permitting!

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Snap Around…

Summer Paddling in the River Lea. You know, when you’ve got a heat wave on your hands. You just have to be there. Temps here in the UK are flying around 30 degrees, so you gotta get those feet into cooling waters! California record’s temps of over 40 Degs. I just hope the guys out there can cope.. 


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Author’s Note…

Well, I reckon I was took by surprise to see a Black Squirrel in my garden recently, and the little fella has been back several times for the food I set out for the small guys. Now, I thought Squirrels only came in grey and red (if you were lucky) but taking a shot on the Internet it seems there’d be quite common in my area. Well, that’s a first for me! Need to get the camera out on this one…

Ps. Well, camera and tripod set up for the past few days and the little guy has not shown. Guess, just passing thru.

Update: 17th July. Yes, this little guy has returned once or twice in the past few days, taking some food and looking smart in his ‘All Black’ endeavour. It would appear these guys will oust the greys in terms of food competition and having escaped from Woburn Safari Park as long ago as the 1930’s. Well, you could knock me down with a feather!! 

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