Beautiful Priory and Gardens…

The Priory Church of St. Peter and The Priory Gardens

The Priory Church of St. Peter and The Priory Gardens

Dunstable Borough Council’s addition of a curved path leading to a newly erected Pergola gives much to the sheer beauty of the centuries old Priory Church of St. Peter and its gardens.

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4 Responses to Beautiful Priory and Gardens…

  1. jan finnis says:

    I really love the photo of the church and gardens but not sure about the colour of the pergola, it looks out of place. Maybe when some beautiful creeper is growing over it, like wisteria, it will be hidden and more presentable. I am going to return to England one day because it is so beautiful.

  2. Adrian says:

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Inge says:

    Thank you for the lovely picture. My greatgrandfather was married in DunstableĀ“s Parish Church in 1847. Is the Parish Church the same as the Priory Chruch?
    (He later moved to Argentina, where I was born)
    Yours, Inge

  4. Patrick says:

    Thanks for your comment Inge,
    Your greatgrandfather picked a beautiful church to get married in!
    The Parish Church IS the same as The Priory Church… In those times Dunstable was just a parish with a Parish Council. Nowadays it is run by two Councils – Dunstable Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council. Both Conservative Councils, and between them do a very good Job!
    Thanks Inge, look forward to more from you.

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