A Beautiful Broadlands Black Swan…

A Beautiful Black Swan

A Beautiful Black Swan

This beautiful Black Swan was photographed recently on The Norfolk Broads by ‘The Broadland Folk’ during their boating adventures in Norfolk. The Black Swan is generally quite happy around humans, and can become very tame, even feeding from the hand! But can be very anti-social with other Swans! It is nice to see so many American friends taking an interest in the shots provided by ‘The Broadland Folk’

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4 Responses to A Beautiful Broadlands Black Swan…

  1. jan finnis says:

    what a beautiful photograph, absolutely …. i love it a lot, so graceful

  2. Patrick says:

    Yes, I agree Jan, it’s a beautiful picture… ‘The Broadland Folk’ have always been pretty handy with a camera… It’s a pleasure to use their pictures on My Weblog!

  3. You know so many interesting infomation. You might be very wise. I like such people. Don’t top writing.

  4. Patrick says:

    Thank you Konstantin for your very kind words, please visit my weblog many times, your interest is always most welcome, sincerely Patrick.

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