New World Cookery from The Old World…

There is an absolute lot of nonsense talked about food these days… And cookery books come and cookery books go! Yet, The New World Cookery Book was published every year from 1927 right up until the late 1960’s. It’s a small hardback book by today’s standard of highly glossy publications, but full of wonderful mouthwatering recipes from the old world that have long passed away, such as Exeter Stew, Alfa Rocks, Apple Amber, Bachelor’s Pudding, Beignets Souffles, Black Cap Pudding, Canary Pudding, Gainsborough Tart, Stuffed Eggs, and Eel Pie, and much, much more!

Example: Tomato Juice Cocktail… Rub Tomato pulp through a hair sieve, season well with salt and pepper, and add generous measures of Sherry to taste, then chill and serve in small glasses.

The New World Cookery Book could be purchased for 10 shillings in the 1960’s, and they were given away free to the purchaser of a brand new British Made New World Gas Cooker!

Adrian made a super discovery when he found one of these magnificent little books in our local charity shop, so it looks as if our cooking habits are about to change for the better… Egon Ronay eat your heart out!

New World Gas Cookers were a British based Company situated on The North Circular Road in London, and again at Birmingham in the Midlands of England.

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