Interesting Laws from The 1950’s…

Conspiracy. Anyone can boo or hiss at a theatre if he does not like the act. But if several people get together to hiss an actor off the stage to ruin him, they can be made to pay damages.

Defamation. If it injures a person’s reputation.. putting a waxwork figure of a man in the ‘Chamber of Horrors’ may be libellous.

Trespass. Even touching a neighbour’s property may be trespass, such as leaning a ladder against his wall, letting your animals stray onto another’s land, or planting a tree on another’s land. Flying very low over another’s land, shooting over it, or on to it, or letting a horse’s head project over the fence, also may be trespass. Tunnelling under another man’s land is just as much trespass as walking on it.

Negligence. When a ginger-beer manufacturer sold a stone bottle of ginger-beer with a snail in it, and later a woman who drank the ginger-beer bought from a retail shop, became ill, she successfully sued the manufacturer for negligence.

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