Enid Stamp Taylor – Actress… A Profile

Enid Stamp Taylor – Actress 1904 – 1946  Enid was born in Percy Avenue, Whitley Bay, during the early hours of the 12th of June 1904. She lived most of her adult life in the West End of London, and where she suffered from a blood clot in her brain whilst in the bathroom of her Park Lane apartment in the cold January of 1946. Three days later she passed away at the Atkinson Morley hospital in Wimbledon and was buried in the secluded and peaceful grounds of Alfold Parish Church… and that’s perhaps, where my story began…

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  1. Paula Rouse says:

    Hi Patrick how are you
    I love the layout of your website it looks fantastic. I recently stumbled upso this info on Enid what do you think about it do you think its correct?

    I recently acquired an arched stained glass window in memorial of Dr. George Stamp Taylor who died in May 25th 1905. He had six children, one of which was the late Enid Stamp Taylor who was 1 year old when her father passed away. Copy and paste this below URL of his obituary:


    The stained glass window has the following message inscribed on its bottom:

    “To the Glory of God and in loving memory of George Stamp Taylor, physician and surgeon who died May 25th 1905 aged 58 years.”

    The window was made somewhere in England. Not sure which church was placed in. Window ended up in Phoenix, Arizona, USA where I bought it at an auction. After doing some research about Dr. George, I found out that his daughter was a famous actress who passed away in 1946. Hope this information will add some value to this family’s rich history.

    I wish I can post the picture of this 40″x85″ gorgeous stained glass window.

    I can be reached at: rogersaad@yahoo.com


    At 21:24, RS said…
    Amendment to latest Anonymous (Roger): Dr George Stamp Taylor, physician and surgeon, was Enid’s grandfather. Her father was Dr George’s second son, also George (born 1876).

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