The Aldwych Ghost Station…


The Aldwych Subway Station is a ghost station, built in 1907 as The Strand, it closed its doors to passengers for the last time in 1994… Standing now, on its deserted platform deep below London’s busy streets, I can sense the long-forgotten sounds of opening subway train doors and hurried conversations. I can almost feel those desponding souls living here below ground during those dark and distant days of the second world war. Wartime posters still cling to the walls all around me, and I feel any moment that a roar and bustle will emerge from the dark to penetrate my isolation… But then shaking somewhat and with a sudden inexplicaple cold sweat I tread the upward narrow stairway and thrust myself into the cool fresh London air with gulpfuls of thankfulness, my modern-day fears not welcomed in the dark confines of a terrorised wartime England.

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