Southern Comfort…

From June 25th 2009

'Southern Comfort' ‘Southern Comfort’ 
This lovely old Mississippi River Boat drew past ‘The Broadland Folk’ on it’s regular sailings from Horning on The Norfolk Broads in the East of England, along the River Bure, and returned in the evening decked with coloured lights and a Jazz Band. ‘Southern Comfort’ has a capacity for 100 passengers and offers an onboard commentary and a fully stocked bar.

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2 Responses to Southern Comfort…

  1. Tamlyn says:

    Beautiful photo! Is there any chance I could have a high resolution copy of this? I’m having my wedding reception on the Southern Comfort and would really like to put this picture on my invites!

  2. Patrick says:

    Please feel free to copy or download the shot of the Southern Comfort from my weblog. Best wishes for the future. Patrick

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