The Grand Union at Leighton Buzzard…

Cruising The Victorian Waterways…

Canal  Holidays can be great fun, as Marilyn and I, found out recently. Narrowboats, like this one at Leighton Buzzard, Linslade, in Bedfordshire England, provide an insight into the pleasures of canal boating through the wonderful English countryside. Operating the many water gates or Locks is a bit of fun too, and you don’t have to be an expert on boating or Locks as there is always free advice on hand. Britain’s canal system was built by the Victorians for moving cargo from place to place and is still busy today with its leisure and houseboat traffic, and that brings me to some interesting facts: The Grand Union Canal which ran the length of England was opened at Leighton Buzzard, and that Leighton Buzzard Railway Station was the location for part of the film The Great Train Robbery made in 1963. The robbery itself took place just outside the town at Bridego Bridge, and turned Ronnie Biggs into a household name.

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