Interesting Movies From The Past…

Carnival of Souls…

Candace Hilligoss Made in 1962 ‘Carnival of Souls’ was shot as a ‘B’ picture in three weeks, and since has become a huge cult film!

After a fatal car accident a young woman played by Candace Hilligoss finds herself trapped between this world and the next. The Dead make several attempts to bring her to the world of perpetual darkness…

It’s a film of the supernatural played with thought and great feeling, and was made in the US by director Herk Harvey.

When I first aired this blog back in 2009 it raised a great deal of interest from many of you, so much so, that I followed it up with my blog on The Saltair Pavilion in Utah, and in turn that created much interest. So here again is the original blog on Carnival of Souls… And I hope you will link it to The Saltair Pavilion in my blog search window… Patrick.

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  1. Zulema says:

    I honestly learned about a majority of this, but with that in mind, I still assumed it was helpful. Nice job!

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