Interesting Movies From The Past…

Hobson’s Choice 1953. Hobson’s Choice has got to be one of the most beautiful movies ever made by Director David Lean. Set in Salford Lancashire… I’ve never tired of watching the masterly acting of Charles Laughton. It was written by Harold Brighouse, and is superbly cast in Sir John Mills as the hapless bootmaker’s assistant, and Brenda De Banzie as the forthright woman who takes him in hand, marries him, and turns him into Lancashire’s finest bootmaker. Sadly, Brenda died at the youthful age of 71, however Sir John lived on to the good age of 98. ‘Hobson’s Choice’ is entirely an English conception… As entertaining today as it was when first written! Made by London Films, it’s success was secured by classic English actor Charles Laughton and classic English director David Lean.

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