Interesting Movies From The Past…

‘The Night Caller’… Armitage Films 1965. Still, after all this time, has some very scary moments! The title shot of The Thames is evocative! It features John Saxon (later to work in the US), Maurice Denham, and Patricia Haynes – I fell in love with her!… I just adore tall beautiful women… Later she appears in a ‘TV Steptoe’ Also has David Gregory and Romo Gorrara – two favorites of mineRomo went on as a stunt actor –both established hands from many a Butcher Film!  And of course the velvet soft tones of John Carson lend an air of quiet authority. (John retired to South Africa after many British Film appearances) Very decisive is the performance of Alfred Burke, who from 1965-1975 became a household name as Frank Marker in the popular TV series of Public EyeThe Night Caller is available on DVD from Amazon. Some title releases: The Night Caller from Outer Space 1966.

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    Fine knowledge! I have been hunting for something such as this for a time finally. Many thanks!

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