Interesting People From The Past…

Major Sir Malcolm Campbell was the first man in a racing car to reach 150 miles per hour, on Pendine Sands, Carmarthen, in 1925. He did set up higher records in America in his famous Bluebird cars, and in June 1947 tried to beat his own speed-boat record of 141.74 miles an hour with a jet-propelled boat, but had to postpone the attempt after achieving 110 miles an hour. 1885-1949.

Cyril Maude was a London born actor, but obliged for health reasons to live first in Canada and then in America. He made his first stage appearance in Denver, Colorado, and his London debut in 1888. He played many successful comedy roles over the years. 1862-1951.

Sir Bernard Spilsbury was a British pathologist, crime diagnostician, and authority on forensic medicine. He took his medical degree in 1905 and lectured at St. Bartholomew’s and other London Hospitals. He was Pathologist to the Home Office for 25 years and was called in by Scotland Yard in nearly every important case of suspected murder by poisoning, with his expert evidence often proving a decisive factor. 1878-1947.

Sir Henry J. Wood was a British conductor who began his career at ten years of age as an organist, but made his professional debut as a conductor in 1889. He founded London’s Promenade Concerts, and conducted in America, Canada, and elsewhere in the Dominions. 1869-1944.

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