Interesting People From The Past…

Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) later T.E. Shaw, was one of the most romantic figures of the First World War, his expert knowledge of Arab affairs led to the Government engaging him on special work. He organized and led an Arab army and held Damascus until relieved by General Allenby. Afterwards, shunning publicity, he became Aircraftman Shaw in the RAF. Sadly, he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1935.

Lord Kindersley (baron) Robert Molesworth Kindersley. At fifteen years old he began his working life as a clerk on 15 shillings a week and eventually to Governor of the Hudson Bay Company from 1916 until 1925. A Director of The Bank of England, he was High Sheriff of Sussex in 1928, and President of the National Savings Committee from 1926 until 1946.

Sir Alexander Fleming was the discoverer of penicillin. He came to London from Ayrshire in the eighteen-nineties and spent some time in a shipping office before turning to medicine. He isolated penicillin after a chance discovery of the antiseptic properties of a mould. In 1946 he shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine with Sir Howard Florey.

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