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Smokescreen 1964 A very tight absorbing little screenplay from British second feature movie maker Butcher Films, set in and around Brighton, Sussex, England. It features Peter Vaughan and John Carson as two Insurance men on the trail of a very clever deception… also includes some wonderful moments from Deryck (Korky) Guyler, David Gregory, Romo Gorrara, Gerald Flood, John Glyn-Jones and Glynn Edwards.

Of the movie the British Film Institute said: “…From its arresting pre-credits sequence of a blazing 1953 Hillman Minx Convertible hurtling over Beach Head and the off-beat promise of Johnny Gregory’s minor key theme, Smokescreen is an utterly charming B-film comedy-thriller that emphasises character as much as plot and makes full use of extensive location footage…”

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