Interesting People From The Past…

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, was an explorer who commanded British Antarctic Expeditions of 1907 and 1914. He was Director of Equipment and Transport, Mobile Forces, during the North Russia Campaign of 1918-9. He was also Commander of the Quest Expedition of 1921, and author of “The Heart of the Antarctic” After catching Influenza, he died from heart failure in 1922.

Lord Latham, Charles Latham was a Labour Leader of London County Council from 1940 until 1947. He joined the Labour Party in 1905, and in 1915 was elected President of the National Union of Clerks. He was also the Chairman on many trade concerns and a member of the London Passenger Transport Board. He was born in 1888.

Sir Donald George Bradman, was Australia’s ace batsman, he scored numerous centuries since he first made 118 runs playing for New South Wales against South Australia in 1927. His highest Test score in England was 334  runs, at Leeds in 1930. His highest score was 452 runs not out, scored for New South Wales against Queensland in 1929. He was born in 1908.

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