Whiplash.. Down Memory Lane…

I remember watching this TV series way back in 1960 on my father’s tiny 9in black and white television and how much I enjoyed it because it was quite original and unlike most cowboy shows set not in the US but in Australia. Aside from the American lead actor Peter Graves the cast were all Australians, and of course singer Frank Ifield who voiced the title song was an Aussie!

“Set in the 1860s, the series is a western filmed in Australia, and stars Peter Graves as “Christopher Cobb”. The series is loosely based on the life of Freeman Cobb, who was the genuine founder of Australia’s first stagecoach line Cobb and Co. Peter Graves, in his character of Christopher Cobb, did not carry a pistol and often used a bullwhip to settle disputes. He carried a rifle and used it on more than one occasion.”

“The series stands out from other television western series of its era in that the guest casts are composed of actors available in Australia, so none of the character actors so ubiquitous in American westerns, aside from Graves himself, appear at all.”

“Created by Michael Noonan and Michael Plant and produced by Maury Geraghty and Ben Fox at the Artransas Studios, (owned by ATV), Sydney Australia. Post production was completed in the United Kingdom.”

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  1. Whiplash is a British/Australian television series made by the Seven Network and ATV and ITC Entertainment . Filmed in 1959-60, the series was first broadcast in September 1960 in the United Kingdom followed by Australia in February 1961 and had opening titles featuring the Australian locale and terrain and a dozen wild kangaroos as a Cobb & Co stage passed pulled by a team of five horses driven by Cobb himself.

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