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Tawny Pipet 1944 A charming film that illustrates English village life during the last world war. Shot almost entirely in the village of Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds, a village considered to be one of the most beautiful in England. It characterizes the English love of the countryside and nature, and in this case the care and protection of some very rare breeding birds. It features Bernard Miles, Rosamund John, and Niall MacGinnis (later to star in Jason and the Argonauts) and their fight against soldiers with tanks who want to disturb the pipets, a farmer that wants to plough the field, and egg stealers. In the end the Ministry of Agriculture step in and save the day! The eggs hatch in time and everyone is happy. A wonderfully English film that perhaps would not travel well, but would fill British cinema seats in its day. Originally filmed in Sepiatone and now available from Amazon.

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