Stanborough Park…

We spent a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon taking in the two large lakes of Stanborough Park near Welwyn Garden City UK. The Lakes and the River Lea at Stanborough are home to a great many types of Wildfowl including Mallard, Moorhen, Coot, Canada Goose and Tufted Duck and provides an ideal habitat for many kinds of birds to live and feed. Feeding the birds of Stanborough Park is a popular pastime for many visitors. The North Lake is the smaller of the two and its shallow water makes for ideal bird watching or even taking out a rowing boat during a warm summer. The South Lake offers the spectator the best view into the parks main water sports and gives the chance to relax in the lakes flourishing surroundings, and so, by 4.0’clock we were all ready for a wonderful cook-from- scratch meal at the nearby Crooked Chimney.

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