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I’ve always been a fan of actor Alfred Burke, whatever he appeared in was a joy, so to find a boxed set of his 1971 ITV series of Public Eye on offer in a local charity shop put me on route to sit down and watch a tv drama that I had not seen for decades. It was simply spell binding and the 4 discs amounting to some 14 shows were compelling over several evenings. It would appear that the series ran on British television from 1965 until 1975 although sadly many of the early episodes have been lost, I think only 5 have survived from the original ATV series and even many of the later ones from Thames Television are only recorded in black and white. The series took in many lesser known actors with one or two exceptions such as David Suchet, later Poirot, and I guess many are no longer around or have given up acting. Alfred’s charming style along with a strong writing base keep the stories moving along and interesting even in 2015. A wonderful delight for the eyes. Sadly we lost Alfred in 2011 at the ripe old age of 92 from a chest infection, but I feel he has left us a legacy that cannot be bettered.

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