‘The Invaders’ from Quinn Martin…

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I was rather pleased to find a re-run of ‘The Invaders’ TV series from the 60s’ being aired on the Horror channel, not that I watch a horror movie these days, but I do remember ‘The Invaders’ with some respect and affection. Filmed in Hollywood and produced by Quinn Martin Productions it’s a classy Si-Fi and featuring Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent. The opening music and title to each episode is somewhat dramatic and quite creative and the storyline follows the exploits of alien beings from a dying planet who wish to make Earth their home at the cost of the human race. But they have taken human form and are hard to detect other than a few giveaways in their character. But David Vincent knows they are here and it becomes his quest to track them down and to try and convince a disbelieving world of their existence. It was aired on ITV and ABC in the states from 1967 – 1968. There were 43 episodes.

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