The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 18…A Part In A Show

“Dear Mrs Corton… Sounds rather formal that! Me knowing you and your mother the way I do… Anyway, Charlie told me where to find you…” With suddenness the animation in her veins froze. She unfolded the paper much closer to her eyes… So Charles knew where she was? “…Please forgive my cheek in writing” the note went on “Me being no great scholar as you know” The words faded a little in the spelling. Then there was a pause and an inky smudge. ” I’m putting up a show” The spelling became more difficult. “I remember as how you were so confident that evening at the ‘Peoples” A blob of dark ink now accompanied every forth word. “I want to talk to you about coming in on the show… There’s a lovely spot for your pretty face and educated voice” Charles should have made contact with her…if only to… She read on; “Charlie said you was abroad. France or some place… Then come home and got married… As if you were missing him like” The arrogance of the man! He knew she had returned from Madame Bourges and had done nothing! “So he wants to speak to you urgently on the telephone as soon as you can. Yours respectfully, Herbert J. Marks Esq.”

The unsettling content of the letter began to fade quickly in her mind like threads of failing light. She was composed quite by a certain calmness that now surrounded her. Edward appeared to take no further interest in her communication and sat quietly reading his newspaper. Rose had left the room. Secretly she folded the important paper to her hip pocket… Her mind had started backwards and sweet honey oozed from the potency of sudden excitement. Erasmic light danced in Esme’s head with tiny fairy toes and courtliness ushered her lips into a weird silent eroticism. Its touch and go of wordliness became brand new to the grasping plunge of Edward’s touch.

When he spoke, his eyes were only a little inquisitive to her indulgence, and yet, there was a hard and clear tone to his voice.

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