The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 23…Herbert Marks Part Two

‘Now, tell me you ‘ain’t a pair of Kippers without a plate.’ He smiled almost gently, showing a row of worn out decaying green teeth. ‘You could put the record straight.’ he added cautiously.

‘Is this some sort of plot… Then I remind you that I’m happily married!.’

‘Are you?’ he answered waxingly.

‘I think you’ve taken leave of you senses. Is this why you wrote to me?’

‘No, of course not! Look H’esme, it ain’t as if I know the relationship you ‘as wiv yer’ ‘usband or of any particular footing you got wiv’ im’. I was just thinking about you and Charlie, that’s all.’ He suddenly appeared very sheepish and sorry for his boldness.

She looked at him curiously for what seemed some minutes, and her stare unnerved him. Then an inquisitive oddity came over her. She felt a transitional state, as if a voice had spoken inside her head. She broke her stare with Herbert and said calmly to him: ‘Perhaps you have a point. Perhaps the record does need to be put straight. I will write to him. Yes, that would be the proper thing to do.’

‘I’m certain it would!’ Herbert’s eyes twinkled once more with relish. ‘Now, H’esme, wot about ‘me show?’

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