The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 27…The Punisher Part One

‘I know about Charles! Don’t try to deny it!’

His words seemed to circle around in her head like some hideous, out of control carousel. She quickly drank from her glass of wine, and swallowed heavily over her closed throat. An odd complacency had settled over his face and the thunder had suddenly gone. He was someone now in a very advantageous position, yet a strange manner occupied his eyes; very slowly and carefully he lifted and refilled his glass of wine. He had good taste which so often went with poor morality. At last, she pushed out a word, nude and deformed, pressed between unwanting lips. ‘Charles…?’ It burst upon him pointlessly.

‘Come child!… Don’t play with me. We both know who Charley boy is.’ He drew his legs, pushing up on his elbows. Then stood upright in front of her like some morose schoolmaster.

‘I’ve had you watched!’ he declared.

‘Watched.’ she echoed feebly.

‘Yes watched, and there is no need for you to repeat my words. I’m quite sure your hearing is unimpaired. Even if your morals are not!’ He was pacing her just like a quarry, looking for that one weakness. She remained silent as he lifted a crumpled packet of cigarettes and lighter from a jacket pocket, drew heavily with the smoke and stared at her curiously. ‘So you thought you could get away with it, didn’t you. Thought I was some kind of fool. Had enough of me, had you, wanted his penis did you?’

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