The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 31…Deliverance

‘She is very weak, but still alive.’ The Doctor looked up over his horn rimmed glasses with an inquisitive stare. I’m pleased you brought her to me gentlemen. I doubt she would have survived the journey to Elmhurst General that’s at least a further ten miles. I’ve telephoned our local Constable, and you say, you both found her on Hinckley Common?.’

‘Yes, she was just lying there on the ground.’ Replied the older man. ‘My son and me, well we were walking Patch, we often do on the Common.’ He nodded towards a large black and white dog that sat quietly by the surgery door. ‘Somebody’s had a go at her Doc, don’t you think?.’

‘Well, it’s unlikely that she did those injuries to herself. But that’s a matter for the Police. Never the less, she has recieved a severe blow to her head, and yet strangely, there is no sign of a fracture to the skull according to the X-rays, which I would have expected and then there is heavy bruising to her neck suggesting strangulation of some sort. Some vomit that forced itself up had traces of what looked like, weed killer in it. All in all, the whole situation should have been fatal!.’

There was a polite knock and the surgery door opened to a barrel of a policeman sporting a red puffy face. ‘I came straight in doctor.’ He offered. ‘Hope you don’t mind. I got here as fast as I could.’ He stopped to take breath and was clearly not used to speed.

‘Of course not Jim.’ The doctor beckoned towards an unused chair.

‘That’s alright doctor, better stand while I get the details.’ He took out a small notepad and pencil from his breast pocket and swayed a little perhaps wishing he had took the offer of the comfortable looking chair.

At that moment, the surgery door opened once more and a worried looking nurse stepped into the room…

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