The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 32…Missing

‘Sorry doctor…. But she has gone! Your patient! I’ve checked everywhere. There is no sign of her. Her clothes are missing too. She has simply vanished into thin air!.’ The nurse was clearly very upset.

‘Alright nurse try to calm yourself’. he replied kindly. ‘It’s impossible for her to disappear in her condition, simply impossible. Make another search of the recovery room and check the toilets again. Likely she has woken disorientated and is wandering the building. Have a good look nurse, she won’t have gone far….’

Esme sat in the little tea shop that overlooked a quiet market square. It was 10.15 on a cold autumn morning. It was one year later.

‘You don’t remember this place?’ asked the man sitting opposite her. We could go up to the Common if you like… It may help.’  Charles lifted his head and looked out across the square. ‘If you’re determined to change things’. he added.

She followed his gaze across the square. ‘You think I’m wrong in pursuing this, dont you?’

‘I think Edward has learnt his lesson, as they say, and besides, immortality now runs through your veins, the immortality of coming back from the other side.’

‘The immortality of  a re-incarnation perhaps.’ She did not mock him, turning her head to study him more closely, as if he were now the master of her soul…

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