The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 41… Journey (Part One)

In that journey to Wales she was mostly silent. Unhurried life pressed past the windows of the car, and Charles drove with an almost equal presence of mind. Crowded thoughts entered her head and now and then she would gently caress his hand.

Beside the Wye River they stopped for a break, ate sandwiches and drank from a half bottle of wine. They took a short walk along its bank before returning to the car and by late afternoon they sighted Snowdonia. Soon they were climbing its outlying steep hills with a renewed and hesitant excitement. Then suddenly, a sharp turn in the road led to a narrow pathway hardly wide enough for the car and to nothing more than undergrowth of thick bracken. Charles switched off the engine and they began to┬álisten to the deathly stillness of a Welsh hillside…

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