The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 42… Arrival

He was instantly likeable, as with so many of Charles odd arty friends and Charles was not surprised at his friend’s enthusiasm for Esme, his reputation as a painter was widely recognized. The reference to their “Commotion” on arrival was due to Bill Porrit’s acute hearing. It was the very reason the Porrit’s had left London in order that Bill could paint in quiet solitude.

‘Come on inside both of you. We’ve got supper on the go.’ However, just before they could do so, a miniature woman with bright red eyes and a Humming Bird head stepped into the light of the doorway.

‘Margarita!’ Chanted Charles almost at once. ‘It’s lovely to see you again.’ His eyes danced over her. She was diminutively beautiful and unashamedly proud of her looks. He had seen many nude paintings of her over the years and had long admired her perception and gallantry in showing off her body against much public narrow-mindedness.

‘Charles my darling! and you have brought your lovely friend. She is all you said she was… And more!’ Margarita’s voice match her perfectly small and rounded face. Somehow, there was a slight Mediterranean touch to her decorousness… As if she had lived before in some warm and sunny climate.

The meal was sumptuous after the long trip from London. Bacon sizzled in blue smoke and a giant pot of tea warmed gently from the top of a fireplace oven. Margarita fussed over Esme and Charles and brought out a huge Welsh Cheese from her stone larder and fresh baked bread hot from the oven to be thickly spread with creamy Welsh butter.

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