The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 44… Reason

He looked at Charles with open eye. ‘Beats your town living Charlie!’ he remarked.

It was only the second time Esme had ever heard anyone call Charles: Charlie. In her mind he was a Charles not a Charlie. The surprise on her face was self evident.

Charles picked up on it. ‘It’s ok… Bill’s allowed… After all, he’s the finest painter I know… Apart from Picasso!’

‘You know Picasso!’ Bill burst forward with total percussion. ‘You’ve never said!’

Esme suddenly went into a fit of laughter at the expression on Charles face, then Bill fell in with it and laughed loudly showing his great white teeth once more.

After breakfast Bill insisted he wanted to show Charlie his latest work and other works yet to be given a public airing. ‘Tell me what you think in all honesty.’ he asked.

Esme said she would like to take a long walk along the shore line and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. ‘I want to blow London right out of my mind.’ she had said to Margarita, after they had finished the washing up. ‘Do you mind if I go alone. I want to put my life and thoughts into some sort of perspective. It’s so different and peaceful here.’

Margarita said she didn’t mind and that she had a few things to busy herself with. ‘Take a good long walk around the head and back. Bill loves to do that. You won’t meet a soul, only the Gulls.’

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