The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 45… A Sighting

It was that time of the morning when the trivia of the day before was forgotten and the ocean would open itself to the lonely walker. Around the Bay large curios gulls swooped over its soft sands and called out to a gentler Atlantic. She had not noticed him before and now her eyes were fixed on a single figure walking towards her from the far side of the Bay. She thought it odd because Margarita had said that she would not meet anyone. The person seemed to be coming from the direction of the outcropping rocks near where the sea was crashing into the headland. Perhaps there was a path around the head, she told herself.

A burst of sunlight ran into her eyes for several moments and she cupped a hand to her forehead. When the watery eyes began to clear. The figure had gone. Esme took a few steps forward, straining for another glimpse of the stranger. There was none. She thought the figure could have been a man, perhaps a young man. His stride was purposeful and energetic!

Somehow the thought of Toby Westlake ran in her mind. It couldn’t have been Tobias. He was in London looking after Charles interests, again she told this to herself. But the thought still nagged her. Had the event on Hinckley Common distorted her reasoning and she was seeing familiar faces in her sub-conscious? Was she going out of her mind?

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