The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 46… The Gwyllt (Part One)

A narrow path led off to her right, upward and through the thick undergrowth and toward the headland plateau above her. It was a steady and breathless climb and at one point she could just make out the top of some house or building structure. Then suddenly, she had reached the plateau. Her path had opened to a narrow area of what looked like old onyx pillars with ivy covered marble seating and beyond this she saw the house for the first time. It was derelict and crumbling and had not seen use for many years, perhaps the building she had glimpsed earlier. She walked on. Her footsteps softened within the stillness of the place. Then strange thoughts began to enter her mind. At first she took them to be induced by this odd setting she now found herself. A woman’s gentle voice found favour in her head… “By Gwyllt Pond…A lovers bond…Lay Rebecca Haig’s remains” She stood in front of the ruins gazing into its hopelessness. One time long ago a profound turret had danced its way to the heavens, crafted by unseen hands and deliberate tools. Now grasping Ivy clung to its worn and used structure with a tooth decaying relish.

“I listen to your heartbeat…Esme…Yes I know you” The voice was sweet to her thoughts.

Esme stepped amid the ruins of the once manor house. For that was clearly what it had been. The voice in her head spoke again. “Love awaits me when I arise”

Esme had no fear of the voice in her head. She asked: ‘Are you Rebecca?’

“Yes, I am Rebecca… And this is our home Esme!” .

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