The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 53… A Concerning Time

‘That’s truly incredible.’ stated Bill. He looked quite astonished at Charles. ‘Are you telling me that your friend e’r… Tobias is behind all of this. I just really can’t believe it. Because this Rebecca Haigh business and visions nonsense has been going on for years in village gossip.’

‘No Bill. I’m not saying that. Somehow, we have all become part of this, and that, somehow Tobias can tune into this fantasy world in such ways that can effect our thoughts and what we think we see. I’m scared for all of us and for what we now are beginning to understand and for where it will take us. I just don’t feel there is a way out. There can be no running away. This strange world will inhibit each and every one of us. I’m certain of it!’

‘What you are saying Charles. declared Esme. Tobias is really here and that these are tricks he can play in our minds?’ she looked at him for some reassurance.

‘Maybe, I just don’t know. If he is here, he could be just tuning into local superstition. But for what reason I can’t imagine.’ He looked thoughtfully at the others. ‘Perhaps, it’s all just nonsense in our heads. This house of ruins must surely evoke the wildest of imaginations in everyone, and really, there is no harm done.’

‘Come on Charlie. Now you’re talking sense, there is no point in upsetting ourselves’ stated Bill, who then presented a somewhat comically distorted face.

‘Well you are right Bill, of course. Perhaps I was talking about the supernatural in terms of the spirit of the soul. That the spirit lives on in a way and after death becomes an energy, a force in it’s own right. Not in any some creditable form that we take to be an apparition, but a spirit force able to move within a kind of blackness zone and yet, aware of surroundings and it’s actions. True, many people today believe in spiritualism and there are growing groups around the world devoted to these thoughts. There have been many documented funerals where mourners have felt the spirit of the soul rise up and leave the body of the departed. In fact, my mother was such a believer when at the time my grandmother was laid out in our front parlour. I’m sure the spirit or the soul, whatever name you want to give it lives on in each, and every one of us and that it never fades away. I’m certain there are many people in our mysterious world who can tune into this astral plain, like so many famous “mediums” whose predictions have prove to be correct. I feel that Toby, wittingly, or unwittingly is part of this gift to us and I think if a person has the ability to look forward into our futures and can see into our past’s… Then they have a proper understanding of our present.’

‘This is tall stuff and all very morbid Charlie.’ replied Bill. ‘I think we are scaring the girls.’ He took a glance at their concern faces. Lets keep away from the ruins and just forget about it?’

‘You are right Bill of course… And I feel sorry for the girls. But I don’t think it will be that simple. In fact, I don’t think it will be possible!’ answered Charles.

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