The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 54… Consolidation

Those words of Charles that were said downstairs revolved around in Esme’s head. She sat on the edge of the bed in their little room and pondered. “Surely, Charles did not really mean what he was saying. This was not him. It couldn’t be him. She knew him. He would never offer those sort of views and yet now, he was saying goodnight to the Porrit’s downstairs and would be here soon. She would say nothing, that was decided in her mind. His footsteps were heard now on the narrow staircase leading to their room, he would be here in moments, loving and always protective for her as ever. There should be no reason to doubt him…Non at all!”

He quietly entered the room making sure his entry would not disturb her and was slightly surprised to find her awake. He moved over to her and gently kissed her on the check. ‘Do you mind if we stay a little longer here with the Porrit’s?’ he asked softly.’

Somehow her eyes were suddenly full of warmth and her smile did not portray those earlier thoughts. She braved her words and looking into his concerning face said: ‘Of course I don’t mind. I rather like being here with you and being away from London for a while, and I just love Bill and Margarita. They have made us so very welcome.’

‘Then it’s settled my princess. When you want to return. We shall!’ Charles was aglow and seemingly settled in his own mind. And for the present Esme felt this moral comprise was perhaps the best solution. She had for the present, no particular desire to return to London. She wanted more time. More time to unravel this peculiar world of dreams and reality. And more than ever, that driving force that made her part of it.”

She thought of Charles and his dedication to her through those terrible times in her past, his support and determination to be with her was unending. Whatever, his thoughts and determinations were now, she had to be there for him, and him alone. There was no question of her unfailing love for him.

‘We could go back up to the ruins in the morning, if you want to, and try to make an understanding of all of this.’ She knew now that this would be the only way to repay his loyalty and love for her. ‘We are in this together’ she added, ‘Both you and I.’

‘Yes, we are, my love, to the bitter end!’

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