The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 66… The Farewell  (Part Two)

‘Father!…Mother!’ Tears began to well up within Charles. He rushed forward and hugged them both as they stood up to greet him. They were just how he remembered them…. Pictured exactly, those long ago years.

‘Son, it’s wonderful to see you again.’ Frank Hepworth stood back, then shook his son’s hand vigorously. He was a slightly rounded man of medium height, nearing his early fifties. A man who sported a magnificent handle-bar moustache.

He looked at his father. It was inside his mind what he would say. He had struggled to recite it to himself, over and over. Now, the words, just would not come. Charles garbled something, then suddenly his confusion was gone. He realised in that moment, he was being supported by Rebecca once more.

He sat beside them on that ornate seat. The feeling of joy was overwhelming. They talked and talked and smiled together, over so much that had been missed.

Finally and apprehensively, Charles said. ‘Will you return with me… To our time. Our time together?’ Deep down he knew this was not possible, but he asked in lost hope.

Softly his mother replied: ‘We cannot my dear son. I think you already know that. Our course is only a single passage. But in time. You will know this passage and you will recognize it without pain. At the end of your voyage, you will meet us again, and we will be together once more. We know this, because Rebecca has told us so.’ She looked deep into his eyes. She could read his thoughts. ‘There is nothing for you to worry yourself with. We are happy. You must accept the present and meet it as a man like yourself would.’

His eyes began to glaze over. Thoughts raced in his mind. ‘I can’t just let you go like this.’ His voice sobbed wantonly, he looked at them.

Then their images were gone, and he was quite alone once more. He sat for some moments in order to collect his thoughts. In that time, he again heard Rebecca’s voice. “Charles, listen to me. I have given you this window into life beyond our earthly existence. You must accept this for what it is. You have many years to live your life to the full with Esme and your friends. You will because you have my blessing.”

Her voice quietened his thoughts. “You will live your life in the simple satisfaction of understanding that there is no apprehension in life now and your life thereafter.”

He did not remember how he had returned to the small bedroom that overlooked Moscow road. This did not seem to be questionable. He could feel the warmth of Esme gently sleeping beside him, unaware, it seemed of his adventure. She was warm to their bed. He stroked her gently and she gave a gentle sigh, just as if she had been there always. This was where he wanted to be. He knew this instinctively. To spend his life with this beautiful creature would mean true happiness for him. Sunlight began to peep through a small gap in their curtained bedroom window. The morning had arrived heralding a new day and fresh new life.

Charles sighed to himself. “You have worked your spell Rebecca. You have kept your earthly promise. You are truly a wonderment.”  Slowly and gently, he fell into a deep and rewarding sleep.


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