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Well, I reckon I was took by surprise to see a Black Squirrel in my garden recently, and the little fella has been back several times for the food I set out for the small guys. Now, I thought Squirrels only came in grey and red (if you were lucky) but taking a shot on the Internet it seems there’d be quite common in my area. Well, that’s a first for me! Need to get the camera out on this one…

Ps. Well, camera and tripod set up for the past few days and the little guy has not shown. Guess, just passing thru.

Update: 17th July. Yes, this little guy has returned once or twice in the past few days, taking some food and looking smart in his ‘All Black’ endeavour. It would appear these guys will oust the greys in terms of food competition and having escaped from Woburn Safari Park as long ago as the 1930’s. Well, you could knock me down with a feather!! 

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