The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 75… The Return of Herbert Marks… (Part Three)

Charles and Esme try to convince Mrs Plum to change her mind…

It was somehow in that moment of time that Charles could see the side of Esme that only her mother could have provided for her from childbirth. In that instance, he felt he was listening to Constance and in a way it warmed the cockles of his heart, just as a dram of whisky would have taken on the same effect.

Mrs Plum seemed to retreat a little at this relaxation in this revelation, seemingly, this had not been part of the singular mental state of her mind just now.

‘I have known Herbert for many years.’ said Charles. ‘He is a very dear and loving person. But he would not make a good husband for he has some terrible afflictions of the mind that trouble him from time to time. Do you know that just a few years back he was sectioned at Rampton for almost strangling his former wife to death!’

‘You mean to say that he has been married before.’ Mrs Vera Plum looked even redder face than before. ‘ My Herbert has been married before!’

‘Twice!’ retorted Charles. He knew he was not telling the truth, but this was the only way to rid this opportunist woman of her hold on dear ‘Herby’.

‘His first wife divorced him on the grounds of mental cruelty.’ he added for good measure.

‘Mental cruelty! exclaimed the now surprised woman. ‘Mr Charles, it would seem I’ve been very wrong in my affections for Herbert, I’ve been a foolish woman.’ Tears suddenly began to well in the eyes of Vera Plum. Charles too, then felt he had been a little cruel and yet, reassured himself that he was being loyal to his very dear friend.

‘You have been very honest with me, Mr Charles’, she added at last, ‘and very truthful, I know you do this out of friendship for Herbert and not wishing to hurt my feelings, I’m sure.’

‘A foolish woman thought Charles. No! that’s not it. To hide her vanity more like, then we all need a certain discretion in our lives.

The veritable Mrs Vera Plum had been shown a different path, very much to Herbert’s rejoiced state of mind, Charles suggested a slap up dinner of sliced roast meats and  potatoes for all at Kings Head public house in Bayswater’s Moscow road.

It’s on me,’ he declared, ‘So pick your tipple folks’

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