The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 83… A New Beginning… Part Two

It had become a long dry summer that year, and as the months trickled by, the little corner shop became a hub-bub of thriving activity. There was plenty for everyone to do. Business was booming and whilst Toby and Barney kept busy, simply just running the appointments book and answering the many telephone calls, fitting in some studio sittings and all of the passport photo requests, they had even found time to introduce some retailing into the shop in the form of new camera sales.

Charles was quite busy with his commissions, aside from his regular work photographing many of the young hopefuls to the Theatre world, local dignitaries came his way, in ever increasing numbers.

‘If it goes on like this much longer.’ he remarked to Esme one day. ‘We shall have to take on extra staff.’

“Herby” too, had seen an upturn in his fortunes, “bigger names” were slowly adding to his books, so much so, that he was now able to leave his shabby office in Brick Lane and move to more comfortable surroundings in “The Peoples Palace” on the Mile End Road… And from where he “Lorded” as he had never “Lorded” before!

Charles often thought of the relationship they all had with Rebecca, and quietly, in his own mind, he attributed everyone’s happiness and success to her intervention within their lives.

“One day Rebecca,” he told himself. “I’m sure you’ll find a way back to us, and we will be able to thank you properly”‘ With that in mind, he lifted his head and looked toward a darkened heavenly sky and a most certain world beyond.


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