The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 92… A New Life for Herbert and Linda…

It was the wedding of the year. It was Herbert and Linda’s time. Caxton Hall presented the perfect place for the ceremony and of course, the reception later was held in somewhat style with sumptuous foods from both London and Paris served to the 40 and more attenders at The Kings Head. Photography was very much on Charles mind and everyone was pictured at least a dozen times. Celebrations went on into the early hours. Linda having been given special permission from the Police.

The following days witnessed a bevy of wedding pictures hung from the interior walls of The Kings Head and much to the pleasure of Charles and Gabby’s skills. Having Herby’ and Linda more or less, on the doorstep, was something exciting for everyone, although, Herbert never neglected his role as an agent for The Peoples Palace and subsequently, enjoyed his participation in the running of The Kings Head.

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