Enid Stamp Taylor – Actress 1904 – 1946

Enid was born in Percy Avenue, Whitley Bay, during the early hours of the 12th of June 1904. She lived most of her adult life in the West End of London, and where she suffered from a blood clot in her brain whilst in the bathroom of her Park Lane apartment in the cold January of 1946. Three days later she passed away at the Atkinson Morley hospital in Wimbledon and was buried in the secluded and peaceful grounds of Alfold Parish Church… and that’s perhaps, where my story began…

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  1. Paula says:

    Its nice to know the truth of Enid’s passing. As awful as this sounds it the truth is more respectable than what I was told. Im sure there is more to learn about Enid, she is fasinating.

  2. janma says:

    Dad always said that Enid had been drinking and fell in the bathroom and hit her head and that is why she had the clot… any truth in that?
    I am getting 2 old photos of Enid framed today to hang on the wall in my 1884 house. She will look fabulous there and will no doubt generate much attention.

  3. Norman Wall says:

    Enid Stamp-Taylor was always enjoyable to watch be it live theatre or film. One wonders if she worked herself to death as she had to leave the cast of IS YOUR HONEYMOON REALLY NECESSARY playing at the Duke of York theatre, London, due to feeling unwell. It had played at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, 1944 and goodness how many other venues around the country. One wonders if Robin Ann, Enid’s daughter, is still with us?
    Whenever I’m at Whitley Bay, I think of her.

  4. Patrick says:

    Hi Norman,
    Lovely thoughts.
    As far as I’m aware; Robin Anne is hopefully still with us.
    Thank you for your most interesting comment.

  5. Lynne campbell says:

    I was under the impression ffrom Dad that she had been drinking vodka and died in the bathroom…Dad had a stroke too.i found him on the floor in his bedroom and he said he had ,had a stroke..he also told me if you have been drinking too much in the evening the blood thins,,then in the morning it has the opposite effect and becomes thick and sticky so drinkers beware and slways have an asprin on hand first thing in the morning or at 2 am if possible….or eat as that also thins the blood…enid and dad were both born on 12th June and both loved writing and drinking and people

  6. Lynne campbell says:

    forgive my clumsy fingers making spelling errors,,,brain going faster than the fingers and I never was a good typist,,,,13 words per minute max

  7. Lynne campbell says:

    I also wonder if they were both outwardly gregarious but inwardly introverted and insecure,,multifaceted and slighly tortured souls

  8. Christopher Kirsten says:

    hello Patrick, I’m amazed that there should be such interest in this Lady actress. Where do I start?.
    My adopted great Uncle Romilly Lunge had a romantic interlude with her whilst filming “While Parents Sleep”. He was sent to war in navy and the Admiralty allowed him back forr the trial, but for a suicide case??.

  9. Christopher Kirsten says:

    he was always very guarded when we discussed Enid, and very melancholy and he completely gave acting when decommisioned in late ,46. In fact he bought a farm in Warrickshire and became eventually became a recluse. Sold up in ’65 and moved to Ashby de la Touch.

  10. Christopher Kirsten says:

    The newspapers found him @ Hillcrest Farm in Wharten then he sold up & moved to Ashby de la Zouch in the early ‘6o’s and he was never drawn on the subject again. I interviewed him thru mid 70’s and 80’s until he passed away in August ’94.
    He made around 14 films & lots plays and also had romantic relationship with Margareta Scott in around ’32 having played the floodlights together and ski’d many times in Arosa.

  11. Christopher Kirsten says:

    sorry to go on, but this beautiful Lady was always an enigmatic phenomena to me so I’m intrigued with your website and the interest it generated as I have been delving off on for over 30 some years, with pics, some signed and movie clippings from Uncle Rom’s archives.
    Anyway I look forward to some dialog if you are interested
    Cheers, Chris Thank you Chris… Feel free to open dialog at any time!

  12. Patrick says:

    Thank you Christopher, your comments are very valid, and contribute to this wonderful Lady in ways that is now unsurpassed… Thank you, Patrick. Ps, I would be pleased to recieve your further input.

  13. Christopher V. Kirsten says:

    Just thought I would leave me contact details should any more discussion take place regarding Enid.

  14. Christopher Kirsten says:

    Feel free to contact me should anyone want to chat.
    Heres the link to my tribute;


  15. Informative article, exactly what I needed.

  16. michael john stow says:

    I am told that Enid Stamp Taylor went to school for a while at Gainford Co. Durham.
    Can anyone confirm this.There was a phyician in Gainford in the late 1800’s called Stamp and i wondered if there was a connection.

  17. Patrick says:

    Hi Michael,
    As far as I know, Enid’s Grandfather was a Surgeon and one of three brothers, however, I have him working at Leeds Infirmary
    and indeed he could have worked in a number of establishments in the North of England.
    Hope this helps,
    Best wishes.

  18. Nicholas Atkin says:

    Hi Patrick, thanks to you and your contributors for all the interesting info. I recall having seen Enid in only one film, The Wicked Lady, but I found her performance mesmerising. She steals every scene she’s in and is utterly beautiful with it! I would like to see her in other films which portray her versatility, could you recommend any I should look out for?

  19. Patrick says:

    Thanks for your interest Nicholas,
    ‘Hatter’s Castle’ would be a good recommendation. Enid stars alongside Robert Newton in a somewhat dark tale,
    but it’s well acted with a strong plot and worthy of a watch.
    I would imagine a DVD would be available from Amazon and I believe it is episoded on U tube.
    I hope this will help.
    Thanks once again and let me know if you need any further assistance.

  20. Clive keegan says:

    Loved her in The wicked lady.

  21. Patrick says:

    A good choice Clive. Thanks for your comment.

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