No Christmas Stuffing for Me!

It would be around about 4 in the morning of the 28th of December, when Marilyn decided to put me through the hoops for not having bought her a Christmas present or Card. Well, my decision might have been based on the fact that she had organised a tantrum on Christmas Eve over my phoning Zena in Austria, my son Adrian, and an old friend named for some silly reason as ‘rob rat!’, a model friend of the family refered to as ‘Spam’, and for writing something pointless on facebook!, – whilst she was wrestling with stuffing an oversized Turkey ready to go oven-bound! So The New Year has brought me nothing more than sackcloth and ashes, along with some over inflated bills from British Gas! 

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  1. janma says:

    i can relate to marilyn. I didn’t get a pressie either but bought myself a car, thank god !!! You men are unbelievable but we have to admit we can’t do without you for a small part of the day. (like mornings)

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