Night of the Demon…

“It has been written since the beginning of time, ever unto these ancient stones, that evil supernatural creatures exist in a world of darkness, and it is also said; man using the magical power of the ancient runic symbols can call forth these forces of darkness… The Demons of Hell”

The opening lines against the backdrop of Stonehenge is the setting for ‘Night of the Demon’ by Sabre Film Productions from an original story by Montague R. James.

Made in 1957, it still has the force to give me a good scare! It’s an all British production featuring American actor Dana Andrews and British star Peggy Cummins, but the real star of the show is Irish actor Niall MacGinnis, known for his exacting role in ‘Jason and the Argonauts’  Niall was an actor that could be wasted in supporting roles, but given the few leading roles in his career… he was overly magnificient.

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