The Brighton Promettes…


These are Brighton’s Promettes of 1952. The Visitor Information Centre of its time. For those men amongst you that like girls with brains there was no better place than Brighton in Sussex in the 50s! Formed from ex-models, these girls would offer all types of advice for your holiday stay in Brighton… But no dating though chaps!

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2 Responses to The Brighton Promettes…

  1. jan finnis says:

    they have similar girls on the Gold Coast at Surfers Paradise and they wear brief gold bikinis. Mum used to be an iceskater in Brighton when she left school and toured South Africa, Australia and NZ in the early 1940’s. I went there to visit in 1993.

  2. Patrick says:

    ‘Surfers Paradise’ and ‘gold clad bikini girls’ would certainly warm the cockles of any man’s heart… And in my archives there is a colour picture of Jan’s mother skating at Brighton, Sussex… in her professional days.

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