Interesting People from The Past…

Sir Richard Acland was a wealthy landowner who in 1943 gave his 16,000-acre English Devonshire estate, valued at the time to be worth 250,000 to the nation. He was a Liberal MP for Barnstaple in 1935, then later became an Independent. He founded the Common Wealth Party in 1943 but left it two years later, and in 1947 became a Labour MP for Gravesend in Kent. He was born in 1906.

W. T. Thomson “Will Hay” was apprenticed to the engineering trade, but adopted instead a stage career in 1909. In 1923 he went on a world tour in his comic role of a not-too-knowledgeable schoolmaster. In real-life he was a talented astronomer. He was born in 1888 and died in 1949.

Alan Alexander Milne was an author and playright, and began a journalistic career in London in 1903, later becoming assistant editor for Punch in 1906. He made his reputation with his book, When We Were Very Young and its sequels. He also wrote plays including Mr. Pim Passes By. He was born in 1882.

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