The “Bubble Car”

The “Bubble Car” was a strong feature when Marilyn and I, made a visit to Bedfordshire’s Classic Car Day recently in England. The “Bubble Car” was quite often of German origins, and popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s because of its low running costs. It was a two seater with the odd feature of a front opening at which its driver and passenger would embark. The “Bubble Car” had a motorcycle engine, two front wheels and one rear wheel, and I believe only a forward gear motion. It could be licenced as a motorcycle.

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  1. Jones says:

    Wow, there she is. Fifi the Bubble. We used to own this very little beastie! When did you spot her in Bedforshire? 2011? Heres a link to her in London about 5 years ago, where she used to live…

    BTW, the Isetta was actually an Italian design, only built by the Germans once BMW had bought the licence to build them… they were also built by the Brits under licence (Fifi was one such example with her single rear wheel unlike her German cousins who have 4), the Spanish, and the Brazilians. And the urban myth regarding the forward only motion actually isn’t strictly true – Fifi does have 4 forward gears, and one reverse. Only with a blanked off reverse could you drive them on a bike licence.

    Anyway, enough geekery – thank you so much for allowing us to see she’s still alive and kicking, and stealing the show!

    ST&R 🙂

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