Interesting People From The Past…

Upton Sinclair was an American author who in 1906 caused a sensation when he exposed in his book, The Jungle, the conditions in the U.S. canning industry. He continued to expose other industrial evils in his later books, among them being Oil, Mountain City, King Midas and Bill Porter. He was born in 1878.

Dame Edith Sitwell was a Poetess who made a name with her book The Mother and other Poems in 1915, followed by an anthology of poems each year until 1921. She gave poetry recitals to a musical accompaniment. Her later works include Green Song, A Song of the Cold, and Fanfare for Elizabeth. She was born in 1887.  

Tom Walls was an actor, racehorse owner and trainer. He made his stage debut in 1905, and toured the U.S.A. and Canada in 1906. He was joint manager of the Shaftesbury Theatre in 1922, acting in Tons of Money which had a two year run. He appeared in many stage productions and movies, and won the Derby in 1932. He was born in 1883.

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