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Where’s That Fire 1939 Nearly a lost film at one time but has now resurfaced on Amazon. It’s a Will Hay comedy vehicle that can almost match his big success of 1937 Oh Mr Porter! As bungling Captain Viking, Will hay is assisted by Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt in their role as the town’s fire brigade. When the Town Hall burns down the trio of Bishops Wallop along with their horse drawn engine are told to pull their socks up or be sacked! Viking invents a foam extinguisher and hearing of a plot to steal the Crown Jewels they head off to the Tower of London and when the crooks set fire to the Tower Viking saves the day with his special foam. I have not seen it broadcast on Television since I was lucky to made a basic recording of the film from Channel 4 some 21 years ago, so I may just treat myself to a brand new shiny copy from Amazon. An enjoyable romp in true Will Hay style.

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