Forgotten British Films…

Snowbound 1948 This is almost a lost film, there are certainly no available copies around that I can find. Based on the novel by Hammond Innes and featuring Herbert Lom, incidentally not listed in his filmography, Dennis Price and Robert Newton. It tells the story rather well of seven people who on holiday rent an Alpine hut but are there for the purpose of searching for hidden Nazi gold thought to be buried beneath the hut. When heavy snow traps them in the hut a deadly game follows. Empty boxes are dug up but there is no gold. Under the weight of the snow the hut collapses and several of the inmates are killed. I remember seeing this on TV some 25 years past and I don’t recall it ever being shown since, perhaps their print has since deteriorated. Directed by David Mcdonald, it was made at the Gainsborough Studios, and as I remember it was an exciting and dramatic film. Lets hope someone finds a print soon perhaps in some old attic or dusty studio back room and is able to get it to a DVD production company. Fingers crossed!

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