The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 20…The Letter Part Two

‘Why is he writing to you then? Answer me that!’ His eyes had taken on a grazed facet. He stared back to the notepaper. ‘He’s offering you a part in his new show!’ he grinned sardonically and scoffed the words; ‘So what can you do… Take your clothes off maybe?’ An idiotic and feeble laugh eased from the rows of his obstructing teeth that died to his demanding words; ‘What have you done behind my back?’ he shouted and half lifting himself from his chair, then added; ‘Someone is laughing at me… Aren’t they?’

Esme remained in silence, her head bowed. She sat, slowly turning the ring on her third finger as if it should mean something more to her. He calmed at her enwrapment. He was suddenly and vigorously mending her.

‘I will destroy this letter and remove its contents from you head, and this person is to be ignored.’ he stated, then his thoughts quickly ticked over gently. ‘You’re not for others… My child.’ he murmured. ‘I won’t have you commonised. I shall write to this… Herbert Marks and tell him that you are now respectable and he should prey on women that are much more gullible and receptive to his downward ways.’

‘Really Edward… I don’t feel there is any need to reply. I’m sure Mr. Marks won’t bother us again.’ she tried to hide the disappointment in her manner, but it betrayed her. He stared at her from almost sad eyes as if trying to consider her profoundly.

‘We can’t be sure of that.’ he snapped abruptly, as if his mind were suddenly made up. ‘I will deal with him.’ he assured her, …And you will have nothing to worry about.’

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