Where’s That Fire?

Where’s That Fire? Considered to be a lost film for many years until channel 4 unearthed a single dusty copy just a few years ago and subsequently broadcasted after a hasty make-over. Now it’s available lovingly restored to DVD and is a wonderful finale to Six of the Best from the Will Hay trio of Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt.

The team of hapless Firefighters are given the choice of putting out a fire correctly or being given the sack by their Town Council. Of course, they are just not capable of the task and what ensues is a very comic 1930’s romp.

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3 Responses to Where’s That Fire?

  1. steve says:

    I am doing a restore on this at the moment, looking great HD quality… Will be showing it on 35mm Pring in birmingham on the 5th November at Hay Day the… Third!!

  2. Dan says:

    35mm? Restored?? Found???

    I can almost not believe my eyes – any more details to share?

  3. Patrick says:

    Sorry Dan, not much I’m afraid, other than an old print was found by a team from Channel 4 some 20 years back. Best wishes Patrick

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