The Shriving of Miss Esme Stamp…

Episode 28…The Punisher Part Two

‘I wish you would not smoke… You know I don’t like it.’ It was a rather weak and vunerable thing for her to say and she simply could not thing of anything else at that moment, she looked at him from an addled face.

Then he laughed, laughed quite loudly and stopped abnormally and suddenly. ‘You’re so bloody prim and proper, aren’t you?’ he snapped, forcing a cough from a lungful of smoke. There was quick anger in his face. ‘You know what you are! Your a tart! I know what’s been going on behind my back with you and that Charles. You must think I’m damm stupid!’ His thoughts wandered in her silence and his eyes floated over this people less place. Then his eyes once again rested over her. A smile of almost kindness roamed over him in its wickedness. She remained quiet saying nothing.

‘A tart has to be punished!’ he announced. ‘I know how to deal with you!’ he threw the cigarette to the ground and from a trouser pocket produced a small brown envelope. Lifting the flap he sprinkled a dark grey powder on the palm of his hand, then looked at her mockingly.

As he stood there he became sallow, artful and conniving, now a fear was replacing her humbleness. She looked up to the plain white sky to avoid his stare knowing now he was intent on some horrid resolute.

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